good things:

-waking up to blueberry pancakes
-sailor themed cat costumes (yes I did)
-friends band dressing up as the only ones and playing at the local wine bar

hella times last night for a hella fine lady’s friggin birthday 🎁🎉🎈👯 (at The Blind Donkey Long Beach)

cat lady (also loves pups)

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insensitive family members will be insensitive, I suppose


Not every dancer can be a ballerina, and not every ballerina gets to dance with the New York City Ballet. So when one makes it, and then stays with the company for three decades, it’s a big deal.

Wendy Whelan is that ballerina. And on Saturday night, at 47 years old, she’ll give her final New York City Ballet performance before she retires.

"I’m sure I’ll get very emotional after," Whelan says. "I don’t expect to get emotional during. It’s not my style, I just don’t do that. But I’ll probably enter a depression, and I just know that I will do that because I always do that after a big ballet experience. … But this is the end of a ballet career, so that’s a bit bigger than just a season of ballet."

Hear the story and see more photos from the preparation for Whelan’s last performance over here.

Photos by Erin Baiano for NPR


A Musical Transcription of Jeff Goldblum’s Laugh From ‘Jurassic Park’

Title: London Dungeon Artist: The Misfits 2,043 plays


The Misfits - London Dungeon 

ain’t no mystery

why i’m in misery in hell 

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It just looks … i don’t know, kind of more rubbery than you’d ideally want for a cat

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