celery man is the best thing to happen to tv and yes I am high


record club

record club rules:

everyone gets two tracks. you listen to the first track once all the way through with absolutely no interruptions. then you listen to it again and explain why you chose that particular track. then the next round the second track plays while everyone drinks beer and eats pizza. enjoy!

Title: angela surf city Artist: the walkmen 131 plays


Angela Surf City || The Walkmen

I used to see the signs
Now I dream of the time
I was holding onto you
For a lack of anything to do

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Title: I Love How You Love Me Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel 119,281 plays

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your body is 93% stardust so dont give up little star (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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Title: Have A Sad Cum Artist: Death Grips 5,069 plays

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Title: Thinkin Bout You Artist: Frank Ocean 278,977 plays


Thinkin Bout You     |    Frank Ocean 

you know, know, know

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my lil kitty has an ulcer on her lip :(((((( she was v good for the vet today though!

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